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In Game Name: My in game name is Bradyy but I am known on other servers as Temperinq Where are you from ? (E.g US or EU & timezone): I am from Ireland this means I am EU and my Timezone is GMT. Age: I am currently 14 years old. (Male/Female): I am a male. Do you have Slack/Teamspeak/Skype?: ( A working Mic are required) Yes I have TeamSpeak and Skype I don 't currently have Slack but I have used it before while staff on other servers, Also I do indeed have a working microphone and a working headset. Please provide Skype: I will not be providing my skype for reasons of privacy as it has happened before where I put my skype in my application and I was hit offline on and off for about 2 days, But if accepted I will PM a staff member my…show more content…
The server did pretty well with donators but there were many glitches and things along those lines and the owner didn 't really know how to handle it. Sadly the server shut down due to an admin (who had console) griefing the server and giving everyone /op I was pretty upset but soon found other servers to play and it then wasn 't as big a deal to me. The second server I was ever staff on was OpCraft I made it to the rank Moderator. I started out as a helper with the basic commands ./kick /mute /warn and not many permissiong but one day when I came home I saw I had moderator! I was over the moon with excitement and had much more permissions such as /bminfo /ban /alts /cc /chat halt and a couple others. I had really good friends on the staff team like Briight_, EvanOG, turimanu and a couple others who have know been demoted. I 'd like to think I was pretty loved by the players on there as whenever I logged on I got a lot of questions and nice compliments and someone even changed their username to TemperinqPvp! I truly felt at home. After a while family
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