Description Of An Article On How Organizations Development Is Not Appreciated As Much As It?

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Introduction The title of the article gives a slight insinuation that organization development is not appreciated as much as it should be embraced by those who could benefit from its services. According to the authors, there are four areas that seem to be viewed as divergent. Oxford Dictionaries, defines divergent as “Tending to be different or develop in different directions” (divergent: definition of divergent in Oxford dictionary (American English) (US), n.d.). Therefore, instead of viewing these OD processes as divisive or multidirectional, it is also possible to view them as complimentary. These four areas are: “development versus change, episodic versus continuous change, planned versus emergent change, and diagnostic versus dialogic OD” (Cummings, T. & Cummings, C., 2014, p. 141). Viewing OD techniques in new or more correct ways that would enhance its processes and perception is of benefit to not only the practitioner, but also its clients. OD’s desire is to make clear its intentions to be socially, economically, and humanistically sound as a discipline. Summary and Purpose of the Article A main concern of OD is to meet the needs of clients in a timely manner especially in regard to change. Correcting erroneous perceptions and the incorrect use of techniques assists both the OD researcher and practitioner in achieving goals and results. Constant change is not only an issue for organizations, but also the OD discipline which is continually challenged to think in
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