Description Of An Assembly Line Simulation Within The Witness Software Package

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Witness is a software package which allows for simulations of manufacturing processes to be created and in turn allows the user to gain a greater understanding of the aforementioned process. Witness is useful when being utilized to simulate a process with a desired outcome in mind therefor allowing a user to identify any issues that arise during the manufacturing process. The software package essentially allows issues in a manufacturing process to be addressed and solved before significant resources are spent developing a non-viable process. Witness can save manufacturing companies both time and resources by minimalizing the quantity of issues faced in developing a new process.
This report will detail the construction of an assembly line simulation within the Witness software package. The simulation will have the following attributes:
Three categories of pan will be produced on an assembly line (type A, type B and type C). These pans will be available in a pre-determined variety of colours (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta). Following the pressing, colouring, coating and assembly processes the pans will be organized and arranged according to colour.
The original model will be improved upon in an attempt to address a quality problem (reject product). The production line will be edited in order to pack the pans in sets of three, one of each size (type A, type B, type C). The colours are required in the following proportions:
Red 35%
Yellow 11%
Green 6%
Blue 26%
Magenta 20%

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