Description Of An Important Nurse At My Community Is My Instructors

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An important nurse in my community is my instructors, Jayne Beebe. Jayne started her own unique nursing business in 2005. Jayne has over twenty horse that she uses therapeutically to assist individuals with psychological and mental health issues. This organization is called Spirit of Hope, and is located at Jayne’s ranch in Selah, WA. Jayne invites her clients into her home to help them in their healing process. Jayne is a strong, independent, caring nurse, and has a background as a psychiatric nurse. In addition to, having a Master’s degree, was a pain management consultant, is level one certified through EAGALA, dual certificated as an Equine Specialist, and has 7 years of experience as a certified therapeutic riding instructor. According the Spirit of Hope website, research has demonstrated that the use of horses can make a great difference in adolescent understanding different aspects of their levels. The use of horses is to help these individuals grow emotionally and use the horses to reflect on how they’re truly feeling. This is to help the client trust, respect, increase self-esteem, and learn/practice self-are. The mission of this organization is to support “emotional agility… knowing that our emotions are an incredible tool we all have which provides valuable information about us. Understanding these emotional indicators in our lives offers us the opportunity and guidance to make healthy decision and the ability to handle life’s challenges before they escalate to
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