Description Of Emergency 911 Dispatch Course

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1. TITLE & DESCRIPTION Emergency 911 Dispatch Course. The purpose of this course is to develop and prepare students for employment as Police Communications Officers and Police Dispatchers at a fire, ambulance, police, and the security department within the private sector or government. My school centers on the fundamentals of law enforcement practices and assisting with strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community. 2. WEB URL from Frameworks website - 3. MY COMPETENCE? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management/Leadership and several specialized and advanced certifications in law enforcement. I was hired as a 911 Police Dispatcher in the year 2000. Throughout this experience, I learned the components and skills necessary to work independently and effectively as a dispatcher. I rose through the ranks really quickly. I was promoted to a trainer and then subsequently a shift supervisor. As a trainer, my commitment and dedication in this capacity allowed me to teach and create lesson plans. My ability to build positive relationships with my students who were my colleagues allowed for a fun, yet learning atmosphere. Building positive communities in a class setting allows for students to feel physically, emotionally, and culturally secure. I was allowed the opportunity to take part of coursework in curriculum and instructional strategies,
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