Description Of Family : Growing Up As A Family

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I was fortunate to come from a large family that has close bonds and collectivist ideals. My parents divorced when I was nine years old and unlike most children of divorce, my father had primary custody over all of the children. Many of my personal values and beliefs are extensions of lessons I received from my father. I believe that most of my academic grit is a gift I obtained from my mother. Growing up, my siblings and I were raised with the idea that everything we do reflect backs on our family. In other words, if I was to accomplish something honorable, the deed would reflect that I come from an honorable family.
Growing up in a family that literally did everything together had several benefits, and we also received stares from peers who had no clue why a family would spend that much time together. Many people considered our family to be extremely dependent on one another and thought we would benefit from more independence. This perspective always amused me since growing up, my siblings and I were independent. My family members and I had our own independence as well as a strong desire to be close and to uplift the family. Even though my family is far from perfect, I consider myself blessed to have been raised in such a nourishing house.
Description of family members
My father’s name is John Steven Anthony Marino and he turns 53 on October 23, 2017. He self-identifies as a white, heterosexual male and as a Christian. Currently, my father has obtained a
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