Description Of Interaction With 200 Word

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Part A – Description of Interaction – 200 word
It’s July 2008 and my parents have whisked me away from to Edinburgh, Scotland to visit family, which included my cousin Iona. We got on like sisters, inseparable from breakfast to bedtime, and the week together flew by. The next eight years our relationship was maintained over the social media of Facebook, snippets of her life drifting across my screen every few weeks, photographs of her in the latest clothing surrounded by hoards of teenagers in someone’s garage, tagged in pictures with the caption “Booze & Bitches”, the memory of the wildly friendly 10 year-old overtaken by this socially-obsessed, provocative, party-girl who cared only about getting ‘wasted’. Its February 2016 and Iona came to visit, and I was reserved and withdrawn, never quite opening up or getting close for fear of being rejected by this ‘popular’ girl I had nothing in common with. It took only one day and some heart-to-heart conversations to realize how wrongly I had judged her social media image and how much more genuine, friendly and warm she was. Suddenly we had so much more in common than just age, but our insecurities, attitudes to drinking and dating and the way we saw the world.

Part B – To what extent do you think perceptual distortions are to blame for interpersonal misunderstanding? – 1500 words
Interpersonal Communication is a dyadic action that occurs between two people, resulting in a certain message being communicated, received then…

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