Description Of Microsoft Energy Policy

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Description of Microsoft Energy Policy
Microsoft in May 2012 made a commitment to go carbon neutral. The goal is to achieve zero emissions for their data centres, software development labs, offices, and employee business air travel in over 100 countries around the world. To achieve this goal, they have implemented an internal carbon fee policy that places a price on carbon used by the business. This is to drive energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy, thus meeting their goal of reducing their environmental impact.

Reducing air travel
Key metric: They evaluate a target based on air travel miles per employee.
They are increasing their use of Microsoft collaboration technology as an alternative to travelling for meetings. Using the unified communications capabilities in Microsoft Lync with the collaboration capabilities built into Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint helps us reduce their use of air travel, particularly for internal meetings and conferences.
The travel policy states that air travel should be considered a last option for meetings with colleagues and partners. The corporate travel policy provides the following guidance to employees:
Microsoft expects employees and managers to carefully evaluate the business benefit of travelling before incurring travel expenses.
Microsoft expects employees and managers to consider the impact on the environment before booking travel. The average business trip generates more than 2,200 pounds (or more…

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