Description Of My Physical Body

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Describing my physical body, I have an oval head shape and I have fair skin complexion. My eyes are small and bright. My lips are puffy and big, I have white teeth, which brings out my smile. My siblings always make jokes about how big my nose is, but I honestly think that I have the cutest noise on earth. My nose is wide and curved. My eyebrows are not thick, but I love them and they make look different. This because I have a cut in between my left eyebrows and it makes me different. The color of my hair is brown, the texture is kinky and it is long and thick. I am 5’11 and I weigh 195 pounds. I have broad shoulders and a full figured body. My favorite part about my physical body is my smile. Smiling brings out my inner beauty and I love to smile a lot even when I am down. I can never go a day without smiling. I know that I can always smile even though I may be hurt inside. I smile through my pain, and I know that smiling can brighten up someone else’s day and that makes me feel good about myself. It is good to smile because it can help others think about me in a positive way and not judge. It also draws people closer and they find it comforting and warming. If I have a mean face all the time, people would not want to come around me. One’s body is what makes us who we are as a person. Self-image is not something a person is born with. In my opinion, self-image is built over a long period of experience and cultural background. Everyone is unique in his or her
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