Description Of Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan Description of activity to be undertaken Activity type Benefits Timeline Resources required When completed 1.Planing of good customer services. Internal training. It will increase the ratio of customers .It will increase the finances of company. 2 months. Meetings Seminars Tea parties etc On time 2.Traning of staff on budget reports. Internal training. Provides support to upper management and increase the determination of responsibilities. 3 Months. Financial manager to provide training. On time 3)Communication . Internal/external. Gives you batter understanding for clients. Gives you more confidence to solve the problems of clients easily. 6 months. Articles, Books, YouTube, News etc On time 4)Monitoring .…show more content…
policies are actually a set of working limitations. b) Professional development plan.  Hiring a well capable and highly skilled staff.  Communication between the staff and the customers.  Education level of staff.  Updated facilities provided to staff.  Good quality customer services provided to clients/customers.  Health and Safety facilities should have to be updated. c) Professional development plans are reviewed in our company depending in the change of policies and procedures but normally professional development plan is reviewed once in a six month. It brings a lot of changes in a company and it helps to correct a lot of issues. d) It is really important to read the policies and procedures of a company because it helps to work according to the goals and plans of your company. Communication with your supervisors and other team members is also very important, It always keep you in touch with your organisational goals and plans and it also helps you to solve a lot of issues easily and saves a lot of time to be get wasted. e) Keeping in touch with the supervisor and manager of the team. It helps in solving a lot of issues and in this way you know that you are keeping your tasks in the right directions. If you are going in any wrong directions supervisors and team leaders can correct you. It gives you lot of good skills when you are in touch with your seniors. f) My preferred learning style is you should always gather a lot of information about
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