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Description of Setting A study on reverse integrated of care delivery system and challenges was conducted by a Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) Intern at Michael R. Zent (MRZ)Healthcare Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. MRZ is a non-profit reverse integrated medical and behavioral clinic that provides services to about 4000 children and 4000 adults annually. MRZ employs 80 individuals, including 2 psychiatrists, 4 nurse practitioners, one primary care provider (PCP), four nurses, thirty therapists, three treatment coordinators, 7 clinical managers, 8 navigators, 5 medical assistants, 5 family support specialists, 4 case managers, 5 receptionists, and 2 clinical directors, an office manager. In addition, MRZ contracts with District Medical…show more content…
29 face to face interviews were administered at the Clinic and one interview was conducted via conference call. Inclusion Criteria - The interviewees were randomly selected based on their length of employment and role in the clinic Exclusion Criteria – The study excluded employees with less than 30 days employment at MRZ and who have direct role in delivering integrated services. Survey Analysis Respondents shared their challenges, barriers, and limitations of reverse integrated care delivery at MRZ. The interview transcripts of participants were reviewed and categorized based on the common findings: (a) knowledge and understanding of integrated care; (b) barriers to collaborating and care coordination with the primary care team; (c) resistance to the new cultural dynamics introduced into workflow processes through integration of primary care services (d) challenges of educating patients integrated care services; Procedure A training program was designed to address the findings that emerged from the survey. The objectives of the training program include: (a) improve staff and patient understanding of integrated care; (b) increase the engagement of behavioral health patients in
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