Description Of Social Anxiety Disorder ( Social Phobia )

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Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) is characterized by anxiety or fear of social situations in which there is the possibility of embarrassing one’s self under scrutiny by others (Robinson, 2010). With the extreme symptoms affecting approximately 15 million American adults with a typical onset age of 13 years old (ADAA, 2017). Those with Social Anxiety Disorder show greater delays in seeking treatment, if at all, compared to those with other anxiety and mood disorders (Bruce, Heimberg, & Coles, 2012). As Social Anxiety Disorder is the third largest mental health problem in the world, it is important that this disorder is addressed and not overlooked (Richards, 2017).
This essay will go into detail about Social Anxiety Disorder including the symptoms and factors that onset the disorder, other anxiety disorders that can be associated with Social Anxiety Disorder, and effective treatments.

Description of Social Anxiety Phobia (Social Phobia)
Social Anxiety Disorder is a common and serious condition characterized by excessive and unrealistic fear of being judged or evaluated negatively and often begins in adolesces (Bandelow & Wedekind, 2014), with 36% of people reporting to have had symptoms for 10 years before seeking help (ADAA, 2017). Social situations are often avoided or feared, albeit these feelings are predominately out of proportion to the actual threat posed by the social situation itself (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 202). These
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