Description Of The Barn Owls Essay

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Outline I. Introduction II. Barn Owls a. The Barn Owl is an extremely specialized nocturnal marauder with exceptional preying skills. b. They are also notorious for their advanced sound-localization capabilities. c. The visual system in the Barn Owl shows anatomical, purposeful, and physiological specializations. d. Front Facing Eyes with high-quality optics which create an abnormally large binocular field of observation which is a sign for increased ethological importance for the use of stereo vision e. Barn Owls have coupled modification in both eyes and an enlarged Wulst. i. With this comes a high level of binocular interaction and selectivity for binocular inconsistency. f. Owls have global stereopsis and use disparity, the inconsistency, as a depth cue with hyperacute exactness. g. Barn Owls are able to make out illusionary contours. h. Owls have very limited potential in moving its eyes relative to its head. i. The eyes nor the ears move separately from the head in owls. i. The image quality in the eyes of the Barn Owl is exceptional. j. III. Vernier Acuity a. Vernier acuity is the capability to identify tiny spatial offsets in paired lines, dots, or objects. b. Currently, humans can determine the relative positional alteration of spatially non-aligned features with meticulousness that corresponds to a small percentage of the eye’s resolving power. c. Does the Barn Owl display hyperacuity in a Vernier task? i. In the experiment, a simple one-up and one-down
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