Description Of The Company : Do It Yourself ( Diy )

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Description of the company: Do It Yourself (DIY), is a specialized gift shop located in the innovative locality in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. We specialize in a variety of high-quality merchandise ranging from customizing gifts that are created by our business and in the development of our customers liking. All products will be hand-made. It ranges from middle to upper class and prosperous clientele. Furthermore, Our company image illustrates what customers are seeking as simple and elegant gifts to their taste. Moreover, our company is a partnership business, where 5 entrepreneurs will be investing in the production including me. The capital that we have invested into the business is £85,000. We have entrepreneurs from a general…show more content…
Adopting strong culture develops the employees professionally and personally. Moreover, manufacturing unique products by implementing new designs and offering affordable prices. • Increasing Profitability: Our clientele will achieve incremental profit margins; our appearance will make the surgical process of the job probably reducing costs proportionally. Moreover, increasing return on investment shows how the return profits on the capital that interested. • Development in Market Share: We will improve in market share that will show how our products or services will be more desirable. Products: Our products that we will be selling are desirable and designable knitting cups, ties, bow ties, key chains and bracelets. Customers that come as tourists, visiting or being residents have high interest in affordable and simple gifts that represent something to them or to the receiver. Sincere ideas that convey true real feelings have more long-lasting and significant impact. Our gifts will be appropriate and relevant to the persons. Many people go for hand-made gifts due to their significance. When someone thinks of a gift the thoughts of the price does not matter to them. Our products will be memorable, at the same time reasonable. Legal structure: Our business consists of 5 entrepreneurs as partners.
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