Description Of The Game Of Survival

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Introduction "Hello everyone, today we 're going to play something called 'The Game Of Survival '. Ten of you have been chosen randomly from around the world, each of you a unique skills that will help you on your journey. You will go through a series battles with monsters, animals, and even each other at sometimes, but there 's a catch. Only two of you will survive. You will be crowned champions and will be greatly rewarded! Now I have put you in this game with someone you know, to test your trust and to test your guts, accept four of course. You can choose to work together or you will be left on their own to survive. Now that everyone knows what this is and why were here let 's get started. Oh and I forgot, all of you guys will be…show more content…
I saw that you don 't really know anyone, and I was wondering if you wanted to team up with me. Everyone else is teaming up with each other and we won 't stand a chance if were alone", he said in a worried tone, like he didn 't know what would happen next, and that was because we didn 't. We had no idea what would happen to any of us. "YOU HAVE EIGHTY SECONDS TO PICK YOUR WEAPON AND BE READY FOR BATTLE", the loudspeaker said. Crap, I mumbled to myself "What do you think I should choose Carson?", I asked. "I don 't know about you, but I chose archery, it 's very popular where I live and I 'm really good at it", he replied. Think. What are my skills; what am I best at. That 's it! I play linebacker at school plus I 'm one of the fastest on my team! I 'll choose the daggers, the weapons I could use to be quick yet stealthy at the same time. "I think I 'll go with the daggers", I told Carson. "TEN SECONDS!", the loudspeaker announced. "See you on the other side", Carson said, waving farewell. "You too", I replied, and after that all I felt was my body dissolving. Joseph I was made for this, I thought. I had the perfect skill with swords. I guess I had landed in the city, where it would probably be easy to stock up on food and supplies. I didn 't need to team up with someone, I could do this all on my own. The thing is, I can 't just stand here, I have to go deeper into the city looking for monsters and
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