Description Of The Installation Police Received A Call From Mr. X

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At 13:45 EST on January 1st 20xx, the installation police received a call from Mr. X, a supervisor at the gymnasium (also the location used for hosting redeployment ceremonies and other functions). He reported that one of his workers Mr. Q, was in possession of a backpack that he found unattended in the men’s locker room. According to Mr. Q, he opened the bag out of curiosity to find out if there is a name or any identification so that he can return it to the owner. Mr. Q noticed an empty or dummy pipe-bomb container inside the backpack. The supervisor requested a patrol car and officer to be sent to the location. Officer A, was the first on the scene and upon investigation and interview with the witness/worker determined that the package was a dud/dummy. Officer A, was an Explosives Ordnance Soldier prior to joining the installation police force and has extensive knowledge and experience with explosives. Officer A’s assessment of the situation was that, it could either be an expensive prank or a dry run for a future attack. The installation police chief informed us of the situation, based off of Officer A’s assessment, knowledge and experience with explosives. Based on this tip from the installation police chief together with other intelligence reports, there is a credible threat with indications of an imminent attack, possibly involving the use of a crude pipe-bomb for any type of CBRNE attack on the installation. We do not have all the facts and although we will not

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