Description Of The Organization And Evaluate The Primary Leader

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Description of the Organization (A1) In this paper I will discuss the organization I have selected, perform a SWOT analysis of the organization and evaluate the primary leader. The organization I have selected to analyze is Bensussen, Deutsch & Associates, LLC (BDA). BDA began in 1984 in the garage of co-founder, Jay Deutsch. Along with his best friend Eric Bensussen and their love of sports they had the idea to create products that would be an extension of a company’s brand. Their first product was a sweatshirt that featured the Seattle Seahawks. Today BDA employs more than 400 employees in the US, China and Canada. BDA has gross profits in excess of 500 million annually. What makes BDA unique is the culture. It’s a privately…show more content…
Jay gives inspiration to the entire company. Each month BDA holds an all company meeting. During this meeting Jay uses the time to encourage and remind employees what they are capable of. He points out specific accomplishments of employees and motivates all of us to be our best each day. BDA has a recognition program that encourages employees, their peers and managers to acknowledge each other’s “wins”. Under Jay’s direction these accomplishments are posted on the intranet site as well as announced in team meetings and companywide meetings. This serves two tasks one, to identify employees who provide excellent work and two, to encourage others to step up so they too can get recognition from BDA and their peers. Jay is very charismatic. He commands attention and people are drawn to him. When he speaks you can feel his passion for his work and his company. He has a charming personality and when we have company meetings the atmosphere is that of a motivational conference. People are excited and jazzed for what he has to say and the future plans of the company. He is responsible for setting the attitude of the organization and leading us towards success. BDA as a whole is very supportive and that direction comes from Jay. He encourages people to follow their passions, even outside the company and supports original and new ideas. He endorses creativity and inspires innovation.
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