Description Of The Sydney Opera House

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1. Backgroud 2
2. Description of the Sydney Opera House construction 3
3. The Role of PMBOK knowledge areas in Managing Sydney Opera House 5
4. Project management skills 9
5. Handling new ideas and Innovative technological developments 10
6. Stakeholder communication Management Plan: Sydney Opera House 10
7. Conclusion 12
References 13

1. Background

Sydney,the capital of new south whales is very popular city in Australia. Sydney is known for its iconic architecture Sydney opera house.There is no doubt that opera house acquired importance among the other iconic and prominent structures of the world. Despite the fact that development of task confronted a few issues because of absence of project management skills in adequately managing assets available and coordinating them to complete the venture (Anter, Hansson, Mcnaught-Reynolds, & Tessard, 2009). Sydney Opera House is an enormous development that includes different stages of advancement of the task, and intricacy in construction is likely high.However it is a failure when considered in the perspective of project management. Proposal of Sydney opera house began in late 1940s,when the English conductor and composer eugen goossens,also the director of NSW state conservatorium lobbied for a locale suited for large theatric productions because of the regular locus “Sydney town hall” was not large enough.By mid 1950s goossens succeeded in attaining the endorsement of john joseph
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