Description Of What Establishes A Healthy Balanced Diet Essay

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Description of what establishes a healthy balanced diet A healthy, balanced diet is vital when it comes to upholding decent health and having a good immune system. In order to sustain this healthy lifestyle, it is important that a large variety of drinks and foods are consumed in the correct proportions, this will make sure that a healthy body weight is maintained. There are five main food groups in your diet which help sustain a healthy balanced diet. A healthy balanced diet would include eating 5 portions of fruit or vegetables daily, to have a larger intake of starchy foods like rice, pasta or bread, dairy products are very important or dairy alternative foods such as soya milk, allow protein such as eggs, meat, fish, pulses and beans, drink lots of water up to two litres daily and try to use unsaturated oils and spreads instead of full fat butter. Foods and drinks containing a high percentage of sugars, salts and fats in them should not be eaten often and in small portion sizes. Fruit and vegetables: Fruit and vegetables are a vital foundation of vitamins and minerals that we need in order to survive. Fruit and vegetables should make up slightly over one third of the food we eat every day. It is a fact that five portions of fruit and vegetables daily is what are body requires to remain fit and healthy. Evidence has been found that those people who consume a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are already at a low chance of getting various conditions
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