Description of Bipolar Disorder

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Team presentation: Evaluation Description Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness. It is classified as a mood disorder and is characterized by severe mood swings between states of euphoric elation and depression. While everyone is happy and sad sometimes, the mood states of bipolar disorder are extreme. When manic, people with bipolar disorder may have delusions of grandeur, talk rapidly, and their attention will flit from one subject to another. A select few, although by no means all patients may become violent. When depressed, the patient may not want to get out of bed and feel he or she has no desire to live. 'Rapid cycling' is when patients cycle between these extremes much more quickly than the customary weeks or months. Based upon the severity of the episodes and other presenting features, bipolar disorder is classified according to several different subtypes: bipolar I, bipolar II, 'mixed' bipolar, and cyclothymia. The presentation did not define the differences between the manifestations of the disorder. Neurological damage or changes to the brain as a result of the illness One notable feature of bipolar disorder is that patients have an enlarged amygdala. The presentation does not define the significance of the amygdala, or explain what it means that "duration of illness, prior medical exposure, number of hospital visits or duration of substance abuse were not associated with the enlarged amygdala" (Hendrickson et al 2013: 2) Behavioral or
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