Description of Expectations of the Experience Essay

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Description of Expectations of the Experience Next week I will be visiting the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Facility, a forty bed corrections and rehabilitation center that houses both boys and girls ages eight to eighteen. I expect it to be very structured, and a very rigid schedule, and little privacy for the delinquents. I’m thinking that there will be guards, in uniforms, but no guns, Tasers, or batons. When I arrive on the detention complex grounds, there is going to be a fence with barbed wire at the top, and I will have to check in through a gate with a photo ID, and my bag will be searched, and I be expected to go through a metal detector. I will then be escorted into a lobby, with Plexiglas windows and big steel doors, and …show more content…

The ages of the juveniles at the center are from eight to seventeen, and occasionally a person eighteen or nineteen. They handle all crimes committed by juveniles, including statuary offences. Most offenders are in the center because of domestic violence, drug charges, sexual misconduct and theft. Description of the Experience I was told to enter the smaller door on the left, which is what I did, and I entered a small room, and I had to push a button and introduce myself and expressed my business. I said, “my name is John Zekany, and I have an appointment with Lily Marx for an observation and interview”. I waited a few seconds, presumably so they could confirm my story. Then a loud snap and the CLICK! The door was unlocked and I went into the very bare lobby, a voice from another speaker said to wait in the lobby, and someone would come to get me. As I waited in the lobby, the loud tick-tock of the clock was deafening. Somewhere in the distant I heard a buzz then click, the unlocking of another door in the facility. I thought about these kids in there, quite a few my age or younger, being away from their homes, not having any freedom, then I snapped out of it, a group of boys in tan shirts, (I later learned this was pod 5, older boys ages 14-17) walk by in single file. Each of them looked at me, with my notebook and iPad, dressed in a shirt and tie, wondering to themselves “why is this other guy here?” I didn’t

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