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Description of Life in the Trenches You might be thinking that life in trenches was non-stop death, violence, and pain. But have you ever thought about why? Or what do soldiers do in their trenches when they're not fighting or dying? Do you always trust sources when you read them? Do you always believe what they say on television documentaries? How can you without a source of evidence? I am going to be telling you what life was really like in the trenches. Firstly, soldiers had to put up with conditions in the trenches. This could have been really tough. Sometimes, it would downpour; there would be gales of wind it was such blustery weather. They couldn't exactly put up a tent or get out an…show more content…
Adding to this point, when it came to weapons, the trenches were not a good protection. Gases could easily run into the trenches harming most soldiers. There was hardly anything to do about it because if they got out of their trenches they would obviously be shot down. Secondly, the soldiers themselves weren't all that happy most of the time. They tended to get very bored when they weren't fighting. All they could do was sit there and wait. Also they usually go dreadfully hungry. There wasn't much food to live on and whatever they had, it had to be shared out between all of them. This could have made them feel very agitated. When the soldiers got time to sleep, they sometimes had bad dreams and nightmares. This made them scared and worried about the war. Sometimes the dreams were bad things happening to the soldiers' family. This also made the soldier feel panicked, as they hadn't seen their family for a long time. Being a soldier wasn't the best job in the world either. Each soldier must have seen or experienced something gruelling that they didn't really want to see. This caused bad memories for them making them feel insecure that something that bad is possible to happen to them. This made them abit nervous about staying tin the trenches as people have died in them,
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