Description of My Interview

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I arranged the interview in a quiet location at the far right corner of a coffee shop. I made it a point to share the area with no one except my interviewee. It was nothing too formal, just a casual time to talk about some life experiences in a cozy place. Tables along aisles will get a lot of disturbance that might harm the real purpose of the meeting. This is the main reason why I have chosen the far right corner of the coffee shop to do away with practical noise factors and with the inclusion of inconvenient seating arrangement. I made it a point to arrive on time and see to it that everything was in order. Having noted all concerns regarding the conduct of the interview, I was saved from unwanted constraints that could have possible negative effects in the process. My preparation was rewarded as basic concerns turned out to be on my side. This has become the fruit of the preparation I made and I was able to get sufficient information needed to push through with the course activity. I found out the question number 2 was a bit broad as it directs to the understanding of the differences between “24-hour news cycle” and “traditional style”. I was hoping to get the information about the negative effects of inconsiderable decline in journalistic standards because of the profit-oriented media activities and sensationalism issues. He responded by saying that there is a need to innovate and cater the needs of the growing population. He referred the 24-hour news cycle as a means
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