Essay Description of “Orientation”

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Essay 1 - Description 3 of “Orientation” Daniel Orozco’s short story “Orientation” is a comedic type of piece written to make you feel like you’re the main character being led through this maze of rules and cubicles and employees, as well as their lives all at once. It’s not really clear who is the narrator in this story, but what is clear is that Orozco chose to tell the story through the eyes of the reader. The whole point of view takes us (the audience) for a ride and makes us a character. If it was written differently and not told the way it has, the story would have lost its humor and quirkiness. It’s a very interesting and different away to incorporate all these pieces of a puzzle that is the “Office Orientation” and…show more content…
So who’s point of view is it? Clearly Orozco made us “the reader” part of the story and gave us the point of view. Through out the story it never gives any hints to any other person, just the to “employees” walking through the office with one showing the other around for his or her first day at work. This other employee who just rambles and rambles on about every person working in every cubicle/ office is a conductor if you will through out the piece. But in the end who’s the one listening, so-to- speak, to this person? The audience. Looking at the way each employees background and the way the tour plays out in the story doesn’t really give a hint that could be told any other way. If it was attempted the story would lose its color and humor. What makes it comedic in all its entirety is the way the person giving the tour jumps from one person to another and then jumps into random subjects like, rules about breaks and lunches. Looking on it , there were parts of the story, when the narrator is moving from say Amanda Pierce to Russal Nash to her six year old son. That had humor, spunk and it was partly from the characters, yes, but also because he/she didn’t go into details on their whole entire life story. This is something that would catch a readers eye an say, “Well that’s hilarious”. Its almost like the person giving the tour was a big shot and didn’t really care much except for the rules, which he repeats and gives emphasis on. All of that makes
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