Description of Performance Measures

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Performance Measurements:

In project management, performance measurement is a tool or mechanism for effective management and process improvement. Notably, the selection of an effective and appropriate performance measurement is crucial and based on various factors such as the decisions they will support and the people to use it. The suitability and efficiency of the performance measures is also affected by how they are effectively integrated into the benchmarking system. This is because performance measures need to be effectively integrated both vertically and horizontally. The vertical and horizontal integration enables the performance measure to achieve balance and offer a total assessment of the project management. The performance measures should identify the specific population to be assessed, the source of data, and the period of time for the measurement. There are various performance measures such as Gantt Chart, Balanced Scorecards, and Competitive Benchmarking.
Description of Performance Measures: Gantt Chart performance measures are useful frameworks for evaluating and planning more complex and multifaceted projects ("Gantt Charts", n.d.). These performance measures are used to evaluate whether the project is on schedule once it's underway. The major benefit of Gantt Chart is that it enables you to identify the necessary remedial action to bring the project back on schedule. The performance measure also helps in planning out tasks to be completed, provide the
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