Description of The Psychology of Action

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Using your intuition about everyday behavior is insufficient for a complete understanding of the causes of human behavior. Discuss Relying on ones intuition is an inaccurate way of deciding on the causes of a person’s behavior. A person behavior is normally shaped by past experiences, culture, education or genes. Hence intuition is not an adequate means by which one can assess the behavioral pattern of an individual. Scholars, over the years, have explored this phenomenon of what influences our behavior and have shown that intuition is not adequate enough to explain behavior. In this paper, discussion will surround factors that explain the causes of behavior which are exhibited on a daily basis. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary…show more content…
However, only a few atmosphere-related studies have considered the role of ambient scent and its impact on consumer behavior (Chebat & Michon, 2003; Turley & Milliman, 2000). Many readers can relate to this based on these finding in that, once our senses begin to work then that trigger our behaviors. Whether it is to run away because we sense a threat or either we pull closer and buy a product because we sense a favorable condition. Either way, the senses have illicit the behavior. We often times wonder why we begin to salivate after we smell food or why we begin to get nervous before an interview. Even though we are not accounting for each of the processes, they are still occurring in our bodies. Without these systems and processes, we would not be able to function properly on a day to day basis. In essence, sensation not only provides us with favorable choices but also act as a protector to us so we can stay away from harm. Persons living in dangerous situation are sensitized to the atmosphere which can be a benefit and harm to them. It is beneficial in the sense that being familiar through sensation adoption will allow one to protect themselves from harmful substances and setting because they were sensitize. On the other hand, being sensitize to something one may not be aware that is harmful from example being expose to a toxic gas. As a result, individuals might be slowly be affected and do not know it.
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