Description of Three Homosexual Potential Veterinarian Position

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Veterinarians have one of the most diverse roles to play in society. Not only do they participate in improving the health of animals and ensuring their welfare, they also play an important role in the lives of humans – especially that pertaining to public health and safety. Choosing the optimal candidate for a veterinary position is therefore a difficult decision. The person must be able to handle all the differing roles of a veterinarian, not just one or two. When given the choice of three candidates, it may be a difficult decision for an employer to ethically choose the best candidate to fill the position in the practice, but it must be done. Ethical considerations for these candidates will be based mostly on American law with Grenadian law used as well when possible. Before proceeding further with the discussion, it is necessary to describe the candidates who applied. The first applicant is a veterinarian who has recently graduated and is well-known to the employer as he has spent a lot of time at the practice. His family is also familiar to the employer. The second candidate is a veterinary specialist who has possibly participated in self-harm activities and is returning from a career break that he took because he was severely stressed. The last candidate appears to be the perfect choice but his appearance and attire go against the policy of the practice. All of the candidates are also homosexual. Before considering the choices an employer must make in order to

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