Description of ‘Vulnerable Employment’ and Its Impacts on Oecd Countries and Turkey

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The economic crisis that began in the last months of 2008 has negative impact on the labor markets of both developed and developing countries’ economies. And worldwide unemployment rate is increasing day by day. With economic crisis in 2008, we met with new indicators which we had never heard before. These new indicators are affecting and directing crisis. One of the them is ‘vulnerable employment’. In our research, we have three main parts. In Part 1; we will describe the meaning of ‘vulnerable employment’ deeply, in Part 2; we will search its cause and effects and evaluate the numerical results both OECD countries
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But lack of security is based on inequity and unfairness.Thus, vulnerablity is increasing at these conditions.
· Low pay: The CAB have highlighted practice of employers declaring that workers are being paid minimum wage whilst underestimating the number of hours they work, meaning that pay per hour appears fair in the records, when it is actually illegal.3
· Illegal and unfair deduction from pay: Employees under vulnerable employment work for minimum wages than same jobs in normal economic conditions. In order to continue their life, they have to suffer this minimum wage amounts, especially crisis times. Thus, companies try to manage their own advantages within minimum wages. The more minimum wages employee has, the more profits owner of the companies have.
· Health and safety: Migrant workers are at the highest risk because they have lack of communication with other workers. They have no idea about health and safety regulations in that country, and no trainings.
Reasons of Vulnerable Employment
T h e most of economists believe that vulnerable employment exists because of capitalism. In 1980s, manufacturing industry passed from developed countries to the developing countries, and servis sector was increasingly important in developed countries.
These progresses changed the rules for division of labour. Competition in business forces companies flexible in

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