Description of a Web Developer

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Occupation: Web Developer Description of Occupation Web developers put together websites. They may do this with individual clients or as part of a large company. First, they find out what the expectations for the website are: what it is going to be used for, who the audience will be, and how it should appear to that audience. Based on the client's or their manager's needs, they will then create the kind of website that will best meet the client's needs. They write the code for the site using a programming language, design graphics for the site, and integrate audio and video into the site. Web developers often work as part of a team in putting together websites. There are web architects, web designers, and webmasters. Each of these types of web developer usually has a specific area that they specialize in. Web architects, also called web programmers, are involved in the technical aspect of the website. They are the "big picture" people who oversee the construction of the website and take care of making changes to the website. Web designers are in charge of the layout and graphics of the site. They are usually familiar with different computer languages, such as HTML or Java. Webmasters take care of day-to-day operations and step in when there are problems, such as broken links or customer complaints. Because they often work as part of a team, web developers should have the ability to collaborate effectively in group efforts and have good interpersonal skills. Educational
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