Descriptions Of The Following As They Relate For Educating Special Learners Essay

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A. Descriptions of the following as they relate to educating special learners: a. Evidence of a least restrictive environment i. Our five students all stay together in our MAPS class (self-contained) where we work on management, academics, physical, and social skills. However, our students join another kindergarten class every day for specials. To help make this transition possible, both teaching assistance accompany the students. During special, we encourage the students to break out of their “group” and socialize with others. This experience really allows them to learn from others and be a part of a mainstream group. b. Differentiated instruction i. For our students, many of the different components of our day are broken down and made appropriate for our students. For example, when it comes to writing, Amy is able to write her ideas by copying them from the board. However, Zia has to have us write her idea out and then she is able to trace over it. As for everyone else, we are still currently writing their ideas for them because they do not have the fine motor skill and patience to trace our writing. Differentiating the writing allows the students to work without getting frustrated as they learn new skills. c. Class as a community of learners i. In our class the students have multiple opportunities to be a part of a community of learners. Having the students be a community makes them responsible which helps engage them in our daily activities. For starters, in our

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