Descriptive Adjectives And Dialogue In The Pigman By Paul Zindel

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“Description begins in the writer’s imagination but should end in the reader’s.” “Writing good dialogue is art as well as craft.” Descriptive adjectives really help the readers see what it’s like to be in the story and imagine what the characters look like and feel like at that moment. Dialogue helps the reader see the story from their point of view and shows us what they think of something else. In the story The Pigman by Paul Zindel, the author uses descriptive adjectives and dialogue to develop the story. Without descriptive adjectives, the reader won’t be able to see or imagine how the characters look like, how the setting is described and you won’t be able to know the characters emotion. “Six feet tall, longish brown hair and blue eyes.” As you can see, this helps the readers visualize how that character looks like so without descriptive adjectives, you wouldn’t be able to imagine how the character looks. “He was in his late fifties and was pretty big, and he had a bit of a beer stomach.” From this quote you can see this shows he’s old and don’t take care of himself as much, so you can see how the character is like and act with descriptive adjective. “At the top of the stairs was this plain old bathroom with a shower curtain that had all kinds of fish designs on it… The ceiling slanted on the far side, and there was only one window.”After looking at this quote, you can tell that without descriptive adjectives you won’t be able to visualize the setting which can connect to how the characters feel in a way. To break this all down, without descriptive adjectives it would leave us clueless and confused because we won’t know anything about the characters(looks,emotions) and setting which would make the story perplexing and complicated. Dialogue is important because it helps us see things from the characters point of view, and we know what they think of something or someone else based on what they say and think.“If Freud smokes, why can’t I? ‘Freud doesn’t smoke anymore I told him. “He’s dead.” This shows that John is a witty young man with a strong attitude. So without dialogue you can’t really say much about the characters, and how they’re like like it shows in the quote. “I’m thinking of becoming an

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