Descriptive Analysis On How To Link Two Enterprises Through Information Technology

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This report gives a descriptive analysis on how to link two enterprises through Information Technology in order to obtain synergy in operating systems through networking and database management. The main goal of the paper is to determine the types of computer hardware, software and database management systems that will effectively achieve the business objective, link operations and provide networking platform for better management and control of inventory. A brief on the specific types of hardware, software, network set ups and database management systems has been highlighted. The report provides a clear analysis on the effectiveness of the selected IT infrastructure, recommended system for database management and how the two enterprises…show more content…
There will also be the need for more input devices which are used while working with computers and include keyboards, mice, touch pads, cameras among others. A network adapter is also a necessity since there will be need for internet connection, which either will be wireless or wired. For this type of business both wireless and wired internet connections will be installed. The wired connection will be a backup to the wireless connection for speed acceleration. For internet connectivity in the premises there will be need for Fibre connection between the two businesses and a satellite connection to field officers (Kroenke, 2013). Computer software are the codes that are programmed into a computer to control how it works. They work as a set of instructions that communicate with the computer hardware (Kroenke, 2013). There are two types, system software and application software. Windows 10 will be the system operating software for this business. This is because it has the fastest start up and a high speed booting operating system. It can also be touch enabled which is a plus for the business set up. There will also be virus protection software; this is vital for all PCs since more computers mean more risks of viruses. For this business an anti-virus will be used because it will help with malware scan and also includes additional security. The Application Software that will be installed on the PCs include Microsoft Word
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