Descriptive And Values Of The People

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Alicia Chen, Natalia Bien,
Kendra Fort, & Jennifer Koo
7th Period.
Descriptive/Values of the People:
The people that adhered to this religion were the Persians of the Persian Empire that dated from 550 - 330 B.C. and was located from Anatolia and Egypt across western Asia to northern India and Central Asia. The Persian society was patriarchal but the women were seen as very valuable in society and experienced much more equality than any other women of different empires. The economy was mostly based on trade which brought the provinces and the entire empire together and more integrated. Urbanized Zoroastrians governed themselves by councils of notables—partly by inheritance and partly by election. The council managed
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Some other important values of the people are also shown through the passages that state that the cultivation of the individual and civic virtues of everyone, including women, following the laws and avoiding being dishonest, caring for the poor, and loyalty to the church should be important for every Zoroastrian.

Pourandokht was the first queen of Persia and it shows that women had quite a lot of equality and could participate in politics and ruling of the empire.

Origin Story:
Zoroastrianism was created by a prophet named Zoroaster, or can also be referred as Ahura Mazda, who was also considered the god of the religion. Zoroaster grew up in a polytheistic religion, where they had animal sacrifices and crazy rituals. The Zoroastrianism religion was created where they were against slaves, animal sacrifices, and only believed in one god (Monotheistic), this shows that his cultural influences growing up was a big influence on what he believed in when creating this religion. Zoroastrianism was created during the rise of Persia, when Cyrus the Great conquer the land. A big belief in Zoroastrianism is that he believed a person should have a choice between God and the “evil spirit 's”. Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions, it combined the
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