Descriptive And Writing: My Beautiful Dog

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Irada Yutthayong GEC00000C2 VU21469
Unit : VU21469 – Read and write straightforward descriptive and narrative texts.
Task 1
1. My beautiful dog
2. She explain appearance about her dog, he doesn’t like talking a bath I have a beautiful dog , he is sweet , he is really cute, when he was a puppy he was like a little kitten , he is not big but not small , he is black and white, he eyes are blue.
3. His name’s Lobo, he is a Siberian Husky. He makes me very happy and I love him. I’m going to take care of him and love him all my life.
4. Her beautiful dog, his name’s Lobo, he is a Siberian Husky, he doesn’t like taking a bath, he is like a real wolf. He makes her very happy and her love him all her heart
5. A 12 years old girl from China
6. A descriptive text
7. The
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Paragraph 2,1
6. Paragraph 2
7. Paragraph 4
8. Perth railway station
9. The man he was slipped. One leg slipped outside slipped into the gap
10. People’s power
11. The mind
12. 8 yeas old
13. Pace and grass, all cold and old, ties and me
14. 6 verses
15. 2 lines
16. 8 syllables
17. A. narrative poem
18. Toss the kites on high blow the birds about the sky
- Are you young or old?
- Are you beast or field and tree?
- Or just a stronger child the me?
20. Could not see

Task 4 My Dad Father is a hero person who is liked by everybody in the word, such as me, my father makes me born to be a human to face the beautiful world. He takes care of me with loving cate and protects me. More ever, he in structs and leads me to be a good person. Therefore, I must appreciate him. When I was young, not only my mother took care of me but also my father brought me up same my mother could do when my mother couldn’t do. He protected me from danger. For ones in the past fifteen years, I fell into the river. That time, I couldn’t swim. I sank down deeply into the river. I thought that I could not survive then my father jumped into the river to save me. This event makes me know that hero really have in the
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