Descriptive Autumn

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Autumn There are some people who enjoy summer by basking in the warmth of the sun, going on family vacations, swimming in cool lakes, and having barbeques with friends. Others prefer seeing flora blooming and fauna reemerge during the spring. Then there are a few people that look forward to the winter snow, decorating for holidays, and snuggling by an open fire sipping on hot cocoa. I, however, prefer autumn. Ever since I could attend school, I looked forward to when I finally got new school supplies. I enjoy matching my notebooks, pens, and highlighters to each of my classes. When grading homework in class I like using hot pink in English, ocean blue in algebra, and algae green in civilization. Each year I am excited when I get a new…show more content…
I dress my altar with cinnamon candles, maple leaves, and gourds. I light sage and myrrh incense in honor of the Goddess changing from Mother to Crone. I also carry quartz crystal, citrine, and topaz for luck and energy. This is a wonderful time of the year to cast spells of balance and harmony. My coven and I enjoy cinnamon spiced apple bread, sweet butter acorn squash, pomegranates, and roast chicken rubbed with sage, basil and thyme. Sometimes we will make grapevine wreaths with ribbons of gold and yellow and decorate with sprigs of cinnamon sticks. I enjoy the changes in nature during the fall. The auburn, crimson, and golden leaves intermingle as they slowly flutter to the ground. They litter the landscape like confetti after a parade. Animals begin to prepare for winter by storing nuts, growing their thick winter coats, and migrating to a warmer climate. The sun’s rays warm my skin enough for me to yearn to be outside and a crisp breeze blows through my hair; the cool air feels fresh after the humid stickiness of summer, and I feel
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