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Not sure about title yet Making a baseball team had always been not too hard for me. The skill is there, and so is the love of the game. But then I had make a choice harder than ever that would change the way I make decisions forever.

“You’re going to do fine” my mom said confidently, as we drove to the first of two tryouts for a baseball team. My previous team had split up so my friends and I had to find a new one. Lots of them were planning on going to this one too.
I knew this first one would be fine because it was going to be a new team with everybody not knowing each other. I knew I could make this tryout. What I didn’t know was the choice I’d have to make when I did.
As I stepped out onto the rugged, old field, I felt that sensation I get everytime I play. It was an exciting feeling mixed with a bit of nervousness. Like butterflies in the stomach, except those butterflies much more full of energy.
This first practice went by quick and pretty well. I was put at first base my specialty position, the whole time, so the first half of our time was a piece of cake. Then came the hitting, in which I am only decent at. I did fine, but wasn’t satisfied with my performance. That was okay though, because I was pretty satisfied overall.
The second tryout for the team called the Kansas Coyotes, was the one that I was worried about. The drive to a nicer baseball field in Overland Park felt seemingly endless, by the time I got there, I was sweating like a man in a hot sauna.

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