Descriptive Essay : ' A Beautiful Fascination '

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Phoebe Coleman
Professor Tim Billo
Envir 495
August 18, 2015
A Beautiful Fascination As I stand on the ridge of Cameron Pass in the Olympic Mountain Range, I gaze off into the distance in awe. The jagged mountains stretch before me all the way to distant horizon and fade of into misty blue silhouettes, and the green of the forest and meadows pops in the sunlight under a bright blue sky. In the distance, a lake sparkles down in a deep valley. My eight classmates and I take it all in, trying to absorb the scene in front of us and fight the forceful wind coming up through the basin and over the ridge. The sight laid out before me is beautiful. But is my perception of this scene the same as everyone else’s? Humankind’s deep fascination with the concept of beauty and what makes something beautiful has dated all the way back to ancient times. Is it just beauty that we seek to see and emulate? Truly humans look for things that are aesthetically pleasing to them and this aesthetic desire is rooted deeply in our evolutionary past. This paper looks to explore the idea of environmental aesthetics in relation to the nine-day backpacking trip through Olympic al Park, which was the focus of this course. In order to do this we will first define what aesthetics and environmental aesthetics means in the context of this paper. Then, I will give a brief overview of the history of aesthetics and the emergence of environmental aesthetics. After this, I will look at how environmental…

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