Descriptive Essay - A Shark Attack

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I sailed crashing tides under soaring skies, the roar of powerful waves as mighty as a lion. With my trustworthy toy parrot named Yarr by my side, no task proved impossible. A shark attack would leave my ship battered, but I always managed to patch up the holes in the frame. The vivid horizon accompanied by thermal sea air stood as quite the contrast from the melancholy chill permeating within my home. This imaginative world became my emotional safe house from the warfare taking place between my parents. I submerged myself into an entirely different persona in order to cope with the upheaval of my home life. Landing abruptly back on the shore of reality, I walked into my home, making a special effort to protect Yarr from the danger lurking inside. Mountains of clutter accompanied the cold temperature our ramshackle heater could never compete against. Cold would be a fitting adjective to describe how I remember my former home. There were no loving calls of dinner being ready sitting on a mahogany table filled with people who loved each other. No questions concerning how one’s day went or what stories they’d love to share. Instead, I witnessed shattered glass, I heard screaming and cursing. Life in school did not serve as much of an improvement. At the superficial charter school my parents forced me to stay enrolled in, I became referred to as trash incessantly. My socioeconomic status seemed to be the only defining characteristic they ever cared about. When I departed into

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