Descriptive Essay - A Slimy Situation

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A Slimy Situation
“I’ll be right over!” I excitedly told Carly over the phone. “Mom I’m going to Carly’s to make slime!” I yelled from my room. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Four stomps boomed from the ceiling, my queue to go upstairs. “Coming!” I screamed. I bounded up the stairs into my mom’s room. “I’m going to Carly’s.” I repeated.
“Ok” she advised, “Bring your brother’s bike and be home by 6:30.”
“Ok, thank you, bye Mom, love you!” I hollered, already down the hall towards the door. I scooped up the ingredients to make the slime, put it in my backpack, and ran out to get my bike. I opened the garage door and scooted my brother’s big blue bike onto the driveway. I hopped on and was on my way the half mile to Carly’s house. I was SO excited to
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Next, I grabbed a mixing utensil and went to town on the mixture. Once I finished mixing, Carly was already behind me with some pink food coloring. She lightly squeezed the container, bright red liquid came bursting forth from the bottle. Carly missed the bowl and got some on the counter, but there was already shaving cream everywhere so, I didn’t say anything. After I stirred the slime again, I put a pinch of corn starch and some contact solution into the mixture. It was now time for my favorite part, the glitter! We poured a ton of glitter into the pink slime. Then, we mixed it and then kneaded it to fine dough. Finally, it was time to play.
Carly and I squished, squashed, and scrunched our pink glitter slime.
“Cassidy, catch.” She told me, and I did. We threw our slime around for about 5 minutes. Until Carly chucked the slime at me and instead of landing in my hands, it hit the ceiling. Carly and I couldn’t stop laughing. We laughed until the slime fell down. When it did it was surprisingly as hard as a rock.
“Why is it so hard?” I asked Carly
“Oh” She surprised turned to laughter again “We added to much corn starch. Now the slime is hard!” Then we started laughing again, passing the pink glittering rock around like before.
We were having so much fun, I didn’t notice the clock. 6:27!
“Oh no!” I frantically started packing my stuff. “I have to be home at 6:30. “Sorry Carly, thanks for making slime with me. Bye,
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