Descriptive Essay About A Art Museum

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Art Museum When I went to the museum there were beautiful and amazing art that I really enjoy. My first impression when I walked in was wow and how they made all this. I also thought who came up with these design. There were many crazy and funny looking designs I really liked. I enjoyed the one with a big rock in the middle and sand around it. It was really simple but had so much meaning to it. I was pleased on how the staffs showed us around and treated us. They were interested on how we liked and didn't like the art there. There were so much fancy art there but one caught my eyes. Which was the picture of the flying babies. They told me the flying babies had the power to heal and to do good in the world. When the battles came they would sent them after all the soldiers needed help. If I had the power to heal people or myself that’s what I would do. I also got to see the very old coins collections. I got to see a very special thing which was butterflies and moths on the wall. There were probably about thousand of each butterfly and moths. They were made of metal it was very unique. There was another special room we got to go in which was called the flashing lights. It was amazing and gorgeous. It was blacked out and it was like a maze in the dark. For a few seconds some lights would flash on and off which made it awesome. The top three arts that really interested me were the 3D box, the man made out legos and the man on the wall. My first art
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