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TITLE The best of romance and pampering at Cape Sienna Hotel in Kamala Beach LEAD PARAGRAPH Seated on a bluff overlooking the Indian Ocean is Cape Sienna Hotel in Kamala Beach – a sleepy resort town on Thailand’s Phuket Island. The hotel is not only rated by TripAdvisor as one of the most romantic hotels in Thailand, but also in the world. From the moment you step foot into Cape Sienna’s lobby, which is up an elevator from the ground level allowing guests to glimpse pristine views of the Indian Ocean, you realize that the hotel easily lives up to those high praises. PARAGRAPHS More like a spa than a hotel As we sipped our rose tea, our minds quickly changed from chaotic travel mode to spa mode. The view, with the soothing sounds from the water feature in the lobby, helps with that. Our daydreaming was interrupted by one of the smiling staff members. She apologized profusely as she drew us back to reality. Our room was ready and she wanted to acclimate us to the resort grounds. We sat on one of the couches, still keeping an eye out the window, while she asked my wife to pick the scent she would like for the room’s toiletries, making Cape Sienna seem more like a spa than a hotel. The path to the hotel rooms is quite steep and windy as it cuts through the hillside jungle. The view from all 98 rooms makes the journey worth it though as all…show more content…
Remember, this is a resort though so a massage is nowhere near as cheap as you can find off premise. You’re paying more for atmosphere. For example, a 90 minute Thai massage runs 2,650 THB (73 USD) versus 500 THB (14 USD) in town. I wouldn’t describe the Thai massage at Cape Sienna as traditional either. It’s more of a hybrid between a Thai and a Swedish massage. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s a nice gateway into a Thai massage for someone who has never had their body contorted like that
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