Descriptive Essay About A Day In High School

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It was a cold fall morning at blossom town cemetery everyone was there for Mrs.Angels funeral. I felt like someone was watching me, I felt like eyes were watching my every move. Payton,violet,Brooke and I dressed in black dresses. It was Bridget Angels mother she was the most popular girl in school. She has long light brown hair and green eyes with tears coming out of them. Bridget never cared about her mother, she would always yell at her. Mrs.Angels used to be our high school social studies teacher until she quit a couple of months ago. Because Bridget told her to because it was too embarrassing for her mom working at our school. Mrs.Angels is a nice older lady, but she wasn't really old. She was sweet and was a really good teacher. Me and violet's blue eyes locked we looked to our left for Peyton and Brooke they weren't there. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. I looked to my right and saw the leaves blowing off the trees, and Brooke and Payton walking away. Me and violet walked quietly over to them. We asked why they left.
“It was too sad and we wanted to get something to eat” Said Payton Quitely
We went to Burgers at the end of the street. We were there for 10 minutes when Bridget walked in with her two friends. She didn't look sad at all.
“Get out of our booth.” yelled Bridget.
“No.” I yelled back.
She grabbed a pink strawberry smoothie form the checkered table across from us and through it in my face.
“Thank you for

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