Descriptive Essay About A Day In School

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“I never in my life would have thought this would happen to me,” Jada says, her voice starting to crack though she remains calm. Her sad but warm hazel eyes start to tear up; still, it is hard to believe that she experienced such an event. Jada, about 5’4,” 135 pounds, has a small waist that hugs her hips, long dark curly hair, with smooth toffee-colored skin, and medium peach-colored pouty lips in a round face with slightly chubby cheeks. Along with eight other multi-racial women, ranging from their mid-twenties to mid-forties, she sits at a large round wooden table. On the table sits a large crystal-clear bowl with little pieces of folded paper in it. Underneath the bowl is a big hot pink sheet of poster board. Adjacent to the bowl are pens, scissors, glue, glitter, colored markers, and a few magazines. Jada stands out in the group: while everyone wears sweatpants and jeans, with different colored tee-shirts with sneakers. Jada wears a navy-blue, loose-fitted flowing dress covered in flowers and cream-colored flats. Everyone looks quizzically at the various art supplies. Multiple posters with motivational quotes cover the plain white walls. Bookshelves filled with books and pamphlets stand to the left of the entrance. Plants are positioned on both sides of the big, square windows on the opposite wall, which let in natural light. The smell of chamomile permeates the room, calming every person’s senses as everyone listens to the soothing sound of a waterfall coming from a
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