Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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Dean Koontz once said, “ Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one is diminished.” Seven years old me did not know what was going to transpire after I received a text from my mom saying to “ COME HOME NOW ”. Racing home on my bike, various ideas were running through my neurotic mind. I couldn’t help but think that I was in some sort of trouble or maybe the cats had gotten outside again. About five minutes later, I reached my house. I sprinted inside and burst in through the door, and then suddenly became quite discombobulated. My mom stood there with no expression on her face with a finger pointing towards the living room. Soon it became very clear that there was a puppy sleeping on the floor next to the couch and I immediately thought he was so cute and was stoked to be fostering another dog until my mom said, “ He’s ours!” We were going to keep him! My very first official dog, my older sister and I’s heads were going to explode we were so excited. About 5 years had passed when my mom had told my sister and the truth about Colby. He was neglected as a puppy and lost his parents, and all but one sister survived. Colby was suffering from malnourishment at the age of three months until the people at our local shelter found him and fixed him up. All of us were commiserating with each other on how heart-wrenching Colby’s situation was before he got to us. Other than Colby, my family has fostered a multitude of animals in the past and it has helped us help the animals

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