Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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“I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I’ve been waiting on this moment for a long time now.” My seven year old self was very excited to learn that my family was purchasing a German Shepherd puppy. I love dogs, always have and always will, and I never had a puppy of my own before, much less raised one. So when my family and I packed into the car to make the long, tedious trip up to Savannah, I could barely contain my excitement.
I kept on annoying my Grandpa with questions like, “are we there yet?” or “how much longer do I have to be in here?” He always had the same response “we get there when we get there,” and that always annoyed me. I like straight up answers, and he wasn’t giving me one.
After seven long hours in the car we finally arrived to our destination. We all piled out of the car and was immediately greeted by five little fluff balls closely monitored by a watchful mother. I was beside myself with excitement and I ran off with the little puppies while the adults conducted business.
“How much for the shy one over there” my Mom asked the owner of the dogs. He replied saying “excellent choice, she is $350.” They dialogued back and forth about the breed of dog we were choosing and the health risks attached to the breed, things I wouldn’t fully comprehend until later on.
I let the adults talk while I closely inspected the puppy we were going to purchase. Right off the bat I noticed that she had the biggest paws out of all the puppies and that she also had the
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