Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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Most of my childhood I’ve had pets or more specifically dogs around me. Having a pet around to feed, play, and clean after just became a regular day to me. The first time I was old enough to pick the new family dog was tough. It was a big decision for me at the time and I’m glad that I made the best choice overall for me. I woke up on a bright foggy Sunday morning, leaving my room to greet my family and grab some bacon and egg. The first one to greet me jumped all over me leaving mud all over my white shorts, Bella my pal had just came inside after playing in the grassless yard. I just went on to the kitchen to see my mother and stepfather when they seemed to be very unhappy. I walked to the stove and grabbed a plate and put two tacos on the plate and went back to the room. After I was done eating and watching TV I went back to the kitchen to throw the plate in the sink when my mom stopped me suddenly. She had told me put the plate down and sit down, so I did and was caught off guard by what she had to say next. She told me that Bella was too big of a dog and that they were bringing a Chihuahua to see if they liked it. I was furious, I loved Bella the last thing I wanted was a different dog, it wouldn’t be the same without that crazy dog. Later in the afternoon my cousins dropped off a small, black, blue eyed, baby Chihuahua he was cute and was supposed to replace Bella. My mom then grabbed me to the side and said willingly,
“If you really want Bella
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