Descriptive Essay About A Museum

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On September 10 I decided to go to the Hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden located in the national mall in Washington DC. I went along with my family because I would have been by myself on this amazing adventure. The museum was originally endowed through the 1960s with the lasting art collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn. He expanded his collection of other states such as New York city and Connecticut with extensive area for sculpture. In 1962 Joseph Hirshhorn’s paintings circulated Italy, Israel, Canada, and California state. The building itself is a three-floor museum, an open cylinder elevated on four massive legs, with a large fountain occupying the central courtyard.
The Hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden was conceived as the united states' museum of modern-day and contemporary artwork and presently focuses its series-constructing and exhibition-making plans on the submit–world battle II period, with emphasis on artwork made during the last 50 years.

First, the exhibition I will discuss is the world time clock by the German/Iranian artist Bettina Pousttchi. During 2008 and 2016 she traveled around the globe, creating the world time clock. Her photographs consist of a clock showing different time zones from cities such as far-flung as Bangkok, Auckland, Mexico City, and Tashkent. The artist’s images represent imaginary global synchronism. The exhibition has been in the museum since last June and will continue to be there till May 2017.
The reason I chose this
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