Descriptive Essay About A New House

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The day was definitely not perfect. The trees stood up tall, but with no leaves. The day was cold, with clouds and no sun. And of course, there was a van, parked in my driveway, waiting for me to hop in and take me to a new home. “I don’t want to go!” I said to my Dad, but he didn’t listen. He walked around the house, making sure that nothing was left behind. “Go get in the car,” he replied after a minute. I walked out of the house, trying to remember everything that had happened to me here over the course of my short three-year-old life. I wasn’t sad about leaving, as I was only three-years-old, but I didn’t want to leave. The new house was much bigger and a lot scarier, and the basement had a monster living in it. We had visited the house many times while it was being built, but the last time I went, a monster seemed to be occupying the basement. It made weird groaning noises, and scuttled around. As I peeked my head into the basement, I saw two antennae with eyes on the ends hanging from the ceiling. A black body was connected to another side of the wall. A third shiny component of the monster stood next to its black body, arms and legs spewing everywhere. It was growing out of the house! I ran up the stairs, hoping it didn’t notice me. The car ride seemed to take forever. It allowed me think about the monster I would now have to live with. “I wonder I decided to see if I could persuade my parents to turn around and keep living in our old house. “Mom,” I announced
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