Descriptive Essay About A Song

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One day during my sophomore year of high school while I was waiting for my class to start, I decided to explore new genres of music and artists that I haven’t listened to before. I was sitting on the floor outside of my classroom searching through Spotify for something new and exciting. After looking through the Classic Rock section on Spotify, I came across the band Queen. Since that moment, I have been and avid Queen listener and have listened to all their songs. I have been particularly fond of their albums The Game, The Miracle and Night at the Opera.
The first Queen song I heard was Bohemian Rhapsody from the album Night at the Opera. It was around 7:45 am, the morning was very still and quiet and the sky was clear. My surroundings became increasingly louder as the school day was about to begin and it was a cool morning unlike the typical Floridian morning weather. After scrolling through various Queen songs on Spotify, I stumbled upon as song I have heard about through friends but not listened to: Bohemian Rhapsody. Just like the eerily still morning, the exposition of the song was smooth and relaxed. The beginning of the song sounded like there were many voices in harmony and the hazy, smooth timbre resonated in my ear buds. The lyrics of the song matched with the eerie quality of the voices, the lyrics indicate that the singers are in some state of confusion and are unclear of their surroundings. The singers hold the last word of each verse for a beat longer than
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