Descriptive Essay About A Swishy

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It was my sophomore year. The weather was partially cloudy and felt just right. It was not too hot nor too cold, and it’s also football season. A season everyone at school gets hyped up for, even if our football team wasn 't the best in the district. The marching band is getting ready to perform our field show for maybe the second time. Of course, band members including me stay after school just to hang out and prepare ourselves to perform. They invited me to 7 Eleven to buy snacks, I tagged along because I was craving Cheetos at that time. Juan and Andre, which were both freshmen at that time were the ones who invited me to the convenience store. Juan is short, funny and has always been laid back about everything. Andre was the complete…show more content…
The smoke felt like it clogged my throat, as I was asking for a cough drop or water and they just laughed. They laughed because my eyes were watering and I was coughing like I had pneumonia. After refusing to take another hit, they finally decided to go to 7 Eleven. Andre thought I didn 't know how to cross the street stoned. If you were one of those cars passing by at that time you’ll probably think they were chasing me to kidnap me or something because we looked like crazy lunatics.
We got our snacks and drinks from the store, as we came back I felt sluggish. The marching band usually have a report time to go back to the band room to prepare ourselves to play at the football game and also for our field show. Making sure my friends covered my stench with perfume actually worked but there was still one problem, my eyes. My eyes were bloodshot red, I just told everyone I had went home to take a nap which they were dumb enough to believe my story. The band started to warm up and as I anticipated, there was no way I was able to play or function. Dozing off every second, made it hard for me to follow the director 's instructions. Marching into the stadium and playing a fanfare every chance we had, time went by faster. Gaining back my conscience, I then realized we had 5 minutes to warm up for the field show. It was officially half time, we all got in our places

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